Amir Capital company enables you to increase your income by means of Blockchain technology

Amir Capital

  • Accumulation

  • from 0,5%

    a week

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  • * Indicated profitability is based on historical data for the previous period and is forecast. This means that it does not guarantee that the specified rate of return will be received in future periods.

  • icon An investor replenishes his/her account in the company
  • icon Finances are involved in the company’s operation (trading, project investment, etc.)
  • icon Interest accrual from 0.5% every week in three currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT
For weeks
Result Bitcoin *


*The calculator has an average percentage for the last year (52 weeks)

  • Stable+

  • From 3 up to 5.5%

    a month

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  • icon Monthly interest in USDT depending on the deposit period: 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 60, 96 months
  • icon You can enable the option of capitalization of monthly income while opening an account.
  • icon Without capitalization monthly income is transferred to the wallet
presentOpen a Stable+ account and receive an achievement book Sunny Book as a GIFT!
  • Period
  • 12 months +3% per month
  • 24 months +3.5% per month
  • 36 months +4% per month
  • 60 months +4.5% per month
  • 96 months +5.5% per month
  • Promotion
  • from $ 300 for 1 year with capitalization
  • from $ 150 for 2 years with capitalization
  • from $ 100 for 3 years with capitalization
  • from $ 100 for 5 years with capitalization
  • from $ 100 for 8 years with capitalization

Sunny Book as a gift if the conditions of the promotion are met

Monthly income
The amount at the end of the term


Net income USDT


  • Wallet

  • From 3,6%

    in a year

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  • icon Get monthly yield on the balance account in wallet
  • pursebtc
  • pursebtc
  • pursebtc
  • PAM

  • From 7%

    a month

  • More detailsYouTube

  • icon An investor grants access to his/her accounts in crypto exchanges to a company trade expert.
  • icon The income is split in half
For weeks
Your USDT result


  • Direct investment

  • 24

    Of the project

  • icon Direct investment and an opportunity to become a co-founder of business projects in different economy sectors
More than 44 business projects in the portfolio

Possibilities of Amir Wallet

Amir Wallet app provides our clients with a number of services which you get access to after you sign up:

  • Investment products with high yield and the option of the premature withdrawal of the finances;
  • Instant currency exchange at the profitable rate (BTC, ETH, USDT (erc20 и omni));
  • Instant P2P exchange for the clients;
  • An online shop for Sollar Gifts that offers a wide range of products and services available all around the world!

Your active assets are stored in a cold wallet with modern secure keys. The wallet’s holder verification mechanism and two-factor authentication are realized in the app.

Amir Wallet is your new step in the world of crypto currency!

amir wallet

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