Bargain shopping at Amir Academy!

Only from 15 to 21 November!

Only from November 15 to November 21, you have a unique opportunity to purchase a package of several courses at a reduced cost, but with increased knowledge efficiency!
The offer is really unique, since we have never had any discounts this year!
The first package – Active investor in cryptocurrency from 0.
Will give you the following skills:
Profitable management of your investment capital due to crypto educational program
The ability to make deals on your own
Financial planning and goal setting
Managing your emotions during drastic changes in the market
Cost $ 400 for 3 courses, instead of the usual $ 500

Second Pack – Selling Personal Brand on Social Media
It will be useful to everyone who actively promotes the Amir Capital affiliate program or any of their other services and products.
Will give you the following skills:
Competent, clear and convincing speech
Promotion of your products through YouTube
Photo processing for an attractive Instagram profile
Editing of effective and high-quality videos
Cost $ 640 for 4 courses, instead of the usual $ 800
For details and purchase, please contact our manager

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