Sunnyman 2021

Car, travel and 100% return on investment!

Become a Sunnyman together with Marat Mynbayev and 12 other best speakers in your field on:
– personal effectiveness,
– sports,
– purpose,
– personal brand,
– sales,
– time management,
– networking,
– psychology,
– proper nutrition,
– speed reading and not only …

We will refund your money when you complete 10/12 marathons!

21 days to introduce a good habit and work with a coach and speaker throughout the year!

You will not lose motivation and will reach the end with the baggage of new knowledge and habits, because:
✅ A personal curator will help you cope with tasks and not lose interest,
✅ Chat with like-minded people will give inspiration and wake up healthy competition,
✅ Professional teachers will share techniques and knowledge that are new to you.
✅ And Amir Capital will give valuable gifts every month!

We have already donated:
Multiple AirPods,
Meditation nails (yes, you will introduce this habit too),
Smart watch,
Fitness bracelets and dozens of other prizes and gifts!

Hurry up to join before the price increases!
And take part in the next drawing of prizes and gifts!
And also pick up the car at the end of the program!

Start on July 19!

Are you with us ????

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On the website Sunnyman.ru,
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