Sunny Book for free!

When opening an account Stable +
The legendary Promo is available in your account!

By opening a Stable + account for a certain amount and term, you will receive the Sunny Book success book as a GIFT!

As a result, you have an investment account that will bring you a guaranteed income and a Sunny Book that will help you deeply analyze yourself, correctly formulate goals and reveal your inner Genius!


1. In your personal account in the Stable + section, open a choice of:
– account Stable + from 300 USDT for a period of 1 year or
– account Stable + from 150 USDT for a period of 2 years or
– Stable account + from 100 USDT for a period of 3, 5 or 8 years with capitalization

2. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box “Participate in PROMO” ✅

3. Take your Sunny Book! ????????

Conditions for receiving a gift????????

After opening a Stable + by Promo account, you will be able to choose a method of receiving a gift on the screen. Choose one of the options and follow the further instructions in your personal account:

1. Delivery to your address from Amir Capital
2. Receiving “in hand” from your superior partner – choose this option only if Sunny Book was actually transferred to you at the time of opening the account.
Do not enter email if you have not received the book❗️

If you are an active investor and want to donate Sunny Book to your partners????????

1. Buy Sunny Book sets in the Sollar Gifts showcase at wholesale prices
2. Recommend your partners to open accounts Stable + by Promo
3. Make sure that when opening an account Stable + by Promo, your partner indicated your e-mail in a special window
4. Hand the Sunny Book to your partner????
5. Get a refund of 16 USDT to your wallet! (Refunds are made at the end of the next month after the current month in which the account was opened)

Important information about Promo Accounts Stable + and Sunny Book!

???? The Promo functionality is available only in the web version of your personal account! By opening a Stable + account via Amir Wallet, you will not receive a Sunny Book!
????Carefully study the video instruction on how to open a Promo account! https://youtu.be/m9CQcvmOtfM

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