Happiness through the eyes of children

from 20 to 04 July

We want to see all our investors happy, because a person is born for happiness!!! 🤗

This is our main value of the company!!!

And even more happiness when your child is happy. Do you agree? 😊

We want to give all our investors moments of happiness and for this we are holding a competition of children’s art works on the theme “Happiness through the eyes of children”.

Talk to your children, find out how they understand “What is happiness?”, what makes them happy, usually children do not need much to be happy. Have them try to draw happiness using their unique vision of the world.

And the Sollar Space community has prepared three valuable gifts for the winners as a reward💥:


For children: Certificate for a creative workshop in their city or online

🔥And also all contestants will receive 10 AWT


Any young artist aged 3-18 can take part in the competition.

You need to draw your happiness in 14 days: from July 20 to July 04.

1️⃣ Children’s drawings must be completely new, not copied.

2️⃣Creative works must be drawn with any art materials, can be done in any technique completely independently, on sheets of paper, cardboard of any size or on a computer.

3️⃣ Send a photo/scan of the creative work to e-mail (in the subject of the letter, be sure to include the last name and first name of the parent) acai. [email protected]

4️⃣ Fill out the participant form

5️⃣The best 10 will be selected from all works and the winners will be determined by open voting!

6️⃣We will select works according to the following parameters:
works should be based on their own experience, reflect a personal unique idea of ​​​​happiness, have a plan and their own vision of the world.

The ACAI Foundation will preserve the best moments of happiness for the corporate collection and immortalize them in the NFT! 🤩

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