Promo for Stable account

Amir Finance

Start 06 August 2022!

1️⃣ Open a Stable account in any currency with external funds

2️⃣ Get income according to the terms of the contract

3️⃣ In addition, you will be able to withdraw from your “Cumulative” account an amount in the amount determined by the term of the contract:

✅ for 1 year – 5% of the invoice amount Stable;
✅ for 2 years -10% of the invoice amount Stable;
✅ for 3 years -15% of the invoice amount Stable;
✅ for 5 years – 20% of the invoice amount Stable;
✅ for 8 years – 25% of the invoice amount Stable.

Yield will be credited monthly to Amir Wallet.


1. You open a Stable account in the amount of 1000 USDT for 8 years;

2. Your income in a month: 5.5% = 55 USDT;

3. 25% of the Stable account will be 250 USDT, which you can withdraw from the Savings account;

In total, by opening a Stable account for 8 years, you can receive monthly income and withdraw 55+250=305 USDT

The funds raised through the Promo will be traded in a new account, registered in the name of a trustee from the Company Ambassadors, and will be under the control of the Amir Wallet Governing Board.

The promo will last until the company exits the crisis.


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