Important information!

Amir Wallet transaction fees

Dear investors!

We want to inform you about the functionality that has already been implemented in our wallet.

In Amir Wallet when you withdraw to an external wallet (button “Withdrawal”) you will need to pay a fee for the transaction in the blockchain, which is a necessary attribute for the transfer (before fees also existed, the obligation to pay them was performed by Amir Capital)

There is no fee for transfers within Amir Wallet.

There is an automatic check of the address, if the address of the recipient inside Amir Wallet, there is no commission, if the user transfers to an external wallet, then there is an opportunity to select the commission.

???? There are commissions in all three currencies which are represented in Amir Wallet: BTC, ETH, USDT.

???? When withdrawing to external wallet: 0.1 BTC/ 5000 USDT/ 3 ETH and more, no user fees are charged (they are paid by Amir Capital).

???? In ETH and USDT network there is an opportunity to choose transaction fee and speed of its processing, priority. The sub-menus are “Medium” (60+ minutes) and “Fast” (1-60 minutes), where respectively “Medium” will be a cheaper option, but will take longer, and “Fast” will be more expensive, but the processing speed will be faster.

???? Please note! Increasing your commission makes the transaction a higher priority for execution, but does not guarantee its instant sending due to commission volatility and load in the network, especially for ETH and USDT ERC-20 network!

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