Man is born to be happy!

Let's start the flash mob!

Happiness does not need to be achieved, deserved, sought …

It already exists! Every day of our lives! 🌤

All people are happy in their own way and experience this state from different things: from travel, from kisses of loved ones, from vivid impressions, from the beauty of nature … But still, HAPPINESS IS! 🌞

And this idea corresponds to the main value of the entire Amir Capital Group ecosystem!

We launched a flash mob “Capture happiness” 🤗

All happy people and those who want to feel happy participate! 😉

Terms of participation in the flash mob:

✔️ Take a Photo in the moment of your true happiness
✔️ Until June 15, post a photo in an Instagram post with an Instagram account tag:
✔️ Pass the baton to 3 of your friends (tag their accounts in the photo and write these simple steps under the post to participate in the Capture Happiness flash mob)

🎁 Prize pool: 5000 Amir Wallet tokens 🎁

The winner will be determined by public vote👆🏻

“When you are happy yourself, share your happiness with others!” 🎼

There is more happiness in the world when you share it!

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