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Previously discovered technical errors in the Amir Wallet (doubling of transactions, incorrect display of the balance, etc.) have been eliminated.

It was decided to separate the products: Amir Wallet and Amir Finance Management Company.
To do this, all current funds from Amir Wallet will be transferred to Amir Finance Management Company to Accumulative and Stable+ accounts.
Amir Wallet will continue to work without being tied to UK Amir Finance.

A plan of anti-crisis measures has been developed for the Amir Finance Management Company from March 10, 2022:
1. 100% of income from the Sunrise Program will be used to close the existing cash gap;
2. 100% of the net profit of Amir Finance will be used to eliminate the cash gap;
3. 50% of the income on the “Accumulative” account will be used to eliminate the cash gap;
4. All income from “Stable+” accounts without capitalization will be credited to the “Cumulative” account;
5. Until 03/25/2022, the possibility of generating applications for the withdrawal of funds from the “Accumulative” account will be blocked to automate the control of the amount of applications;
6. All previously created withdrawal requests have been cancelled.
7. In all personal accounts, 100% reinvestment will be established for the accounts “Accumulative” and “Stable +”

These measures will help preserve the Amir Finance management company and make the Amir Wallet more attractive to cryptocurrency owners.

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