Amir Talks: Moscow

Meeting with the founder of Amir Capital Group Marat Amirovich Mynbayev

???? 07/31/2021
⏰ 12.00 to 15.00
???? Hotel Metropol, conference hall Vrubel
Teatralny prospect, 2

The meeting will feature – the founder of Amir Capital Group – Marat Mynbayev and the Ambassadors of Amir Capital Capital ????

Let’s talk:

✅ on the prospects for the development and application of blockchain technology;
✅ about the psychology of an investor and a trader;
✅ how to effectively form your investment portfolio and manage it;
✅ about the most relevant news from the world of cryptoassets.

Marat Mynbayev will personally answer all questions of the guests about the work, plans and achievements of Amir Capital Group.
All guests of the event will receive a welcome coffee break and participation in the raffle of gifts ????

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???? Showcase of gifts Sollar Gifts – 2 sollars
???? Bank transfer Tinkoff – 5536913926536208 – 1500 rubles

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