“Amir Capital. Exposing”. Online marathon

November 1-6

The whole truth about the company in one online marathon!

From November 1 to 6, Amir Capital is holding a large-scale self-exposure marathon!

Every day on the air, project managers will answer all questions and talk about the history of the project, work, team, updates and investment methods.

We invite YOU to our marathon!

To date, Amir Capital has already launched 44 projects, by 2025 there will be 50 such projects, by 2030 – already 100.

“We try to cover all spheres of human life. Our activity is based on two axioms: (1) MAN is born for HAPPINESS and (2) FREEDOM is his natural habitat. We have learned to measure these two amorphous concepts and on the basis of this knowledge we make products that we use ourselves and offer to our environment, since we want to live in a close-knit and civilized society. And first of all, we promote products that help people achieve material well-being. ” – says the founder of the ecosystem Marat Mynbayev.

To learn more about the company and projects, join the five-day “Amir Capital. Disclosure” marathon.
Not a single question will remain unanswered!

Marathon Link: https://youtu.be/XW0T4xHGHVo

We start at 13-00 Moscow time!

Join the broadcast with friends and acquaintances, share information on social networks – we are glad to be useful.

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