New Amir Satellite stream!

🗓 November 21 - December 16

Friends! 👋🏻

🗓 November 21 – December 16, a new Amir Satellite stream starts!

▶️ financial literacy training: only working tools
▶️ shaping the mindset of a millionaire
▶️ building a personal brand
▶️ Blockchain basics
▶️ analysis of psychological attitudes
▶️ leadership development
▶️ stages of forming a partnership structure

Everything in practice!

Only 10 days you can use the cool PROMO
“Stable 2000”

1. From October 10 to October 20 (inclusive) open a Stable account for 2000 usdt
2. Specify the name of the account “Promo Satellite 2.3”
3. Fill out an application

And join the powerful educational program for free!

Registration link

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