Earnings on bitcoins and the whole truth about the first cryptocurrency

The development of the cryptoindustry allows you to make money on digital currency today and get a decent profit. However, most investors start with losses, making many mistakes. What is earnings on bitcoins ?

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not physically exist, is not controlled by anyone and is more expensive than gold on the stock exchange. Becoming the first cryptocurrency to be implemented using blockchain technology in 2009, it conquered the world of finance in a pandemic era.

Bitcoins are stored in special registries under the protection of cryptography, which cannot be forged. Transactions with journals are called blockchains and operate on the principle of cashless payments in the banking sector. The settlement is carried out online and no one transfers physical assets from hand to hand.

What is the investment attractiveness of Bitcoin:

  • an available asset with a strong growth potential;
  • has international status;
  • guarantees anonymity and confidentiality of data;
  • there is no time limit for transactions and amounts;
  • exists outside government and banking control, despite the active desire to bring the crypto industry into the legislative area.

Earnings on bitcoins myth or reality?

Traditionally, December is considered a very active month on the crypto market, which is reflected in the price of bitcoin and top altcoins. What can you expect from a volatile instrument, given the fact that BTC is traded in the last week of the year within the $ 45-47 thousand price zone? Will it grow to the promised $ 115,000 per coin by the head of Pantera Capital hedge fund Dan Morehead?

Forums and analytical layouts of large investment platforms are filled with a variety of predictions in anticipation of impulse movements: “crypto winter has come”, “purchasing power is showing a fall”, “crypto deposits are in danger”, “inflation in The US and the increase in the key rate will negatively affect the value of the cryptocurrency. ” In parallel with panic hysteria and sales, large companies continue to replenish their investment portfolios with bitcoins and prepare functionality for accepting payments in digital currencies, the IMF calls for abandoning the ban on cryptocurrencies and developing uniform international standards for working with assets, the Central Bank is thinking about introducing a digital national currency.

Reality shows that Bitcoin highly profitable asset.

Bitcoin wallet: how to open, deposit and withdraw funds

To create a Bitcoin wallet, you do not need to enter personal data, as in the situation with a bank account, which makes it anonymous. The investor’s task is to find a verified resource with a license, register and track so as not to lose the unique code.

Crypto investors are offered several wallet options:

  1. SSD desktop wallet – considered the most secure and suitable for storing large amounts.
  2. An online wallet is the best option for small amounts and for beginners because of its clear functionality. It should be borne in mind that it has a low degree of security, since it belongs to the service.
  3. Hardware wallet is a physical medium in the form of a flash drive with a private key inscribed on it and a high level of data storage security. If the storage gadget is lost or damaged, you can purchase a new one and enter the seed code and password.
  4. Mobile wallets – the user gets access to cryptoassets through the operating systems of the mobile application (Android or iOS).

Each of the wallets has a number of advantages and disadvantages, so the user must choose which of the options suits him.

There are several ways to deposit, withdraw or exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money:

  1. Exchange services. Allows you to sell and transfer bitcoin in fiat money to a bank card or selected payment system (for example, PayPal).
  2. Exchanges. In the functionality of large exchanges, it is possible to directly withdraw funds to a bank card.
  3. Crypto ATMs (analogue of ATMs). The user can transfer funds to it and cash out.
  4. Cash deal.
  5. E-wallets.
  6. Decentralized exchanges and forums. Despite the risks, many users use platforms operating in the shadow sector. Having successfully completed the operation today, no one can guarantee that the account will not be blocked tomorrow.

Prospects and risks of mining

Despite the large flow of information about bitcoin and altcoins on large analytical resources, the cryptocurrency market in the CIS is still not legally regulated. To avoid problems with finding out the reasons for canceling a transaction or blocking a verified account, not to run into a fraudster who launders funds from the sale of drugs or weapons through a crypt, not to invest huge funds and then hide the mining farm from the all-seeing eye of justice, you need to carefully study the reputation of the platform. own internal digital currency policy.

Crypto exchanges are the place where all participants earn money, so it is important to be careful at all stages of working with virtual currency.

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