Top 10 Trends of Our Time: Investments in Cryptocurrency, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity

Despite the emergence of a new strain, analysts at large investment companies expect significant market warming and moderate asset growth from 2022. Where to invest money to get profit? What place in the portfolio should cryptocurrency investments occupy? Let’s discuss the key trends of the coming year.

Top 10 Investment Trends for 2022

2021 has brought both opportunities and disappointments to investors. The winners are those who understood that real investment is always fraught with risk. Based on practical experience, Amir Capital experts have selected the top 10 investment trends that will bring high returns in 2022.

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  1. Alternative energy and green technologies.
    Environmental protection and the development of environmentally friendly production is a sustainable and promising trend followed by industrial companies around the world. The leaders in attracting investments include greentech companies specializing in bioenergy, solar panels and wind turbines. Electric vehicle manufacturers can be included in this area.
  2. Waste management and disposal.
    Consumption has long since reached catastrophic proportions. Within the framework of sustainable development and the eco-agenda, companies for the processing and disposal of waste enter the stock market. The portfolio can be replenished with the leaders of the ESG rating.
  3. Internet of Things.
    The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards the digitalization of all spheres and the development of IoT, which allow the exchange of data online in real time, directly and through remote servers. According to experts ‘forecasts, the Internet of Things market will reach $ 200 billion in the next four years, quotations of manufacturers’ shares will rise.
  4. Space industry
    Tourist suborbital space flights have already become a reality, satellite Internet networks are expanding, what next? The potential of such companies as AeroVironment and Raven Industries and many others is showing strong growth.
  5. Cybersecurity.
    The actions of cybercriminals have long gone beyond stealing funds from bank accounts and can affect the operation of an entire industry. For example, in 2021, a hacker attack shut down the American Colonial Pipeline system. Comprehensive protection companies actively attract investment funds.
  6. MedTech (medical technology)
    The development of personalized applications and virtual medical care, drugs and vaccines, the development of robotics, the technical improvement of data analysis and monitoring is a relevant and rapidly growing investment trend, which is represented on the market by promising startups and projects.
  7. FinTech (financial technology)
    The number of contactless payments is rapidly increasing, new tools and convenient platforms for trading and investment activities are emerging. Financial organizations are actively introducing digital technologies and attracting FinTech projects.
  8. Gaming Industry
    A new and potentially attractive investment option is the gaming industry. You can invest in both game developers and software companies. Popular names in the industry: Take Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and more.
  9. Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial intelligence technologies will continue to penetrate all areas of human life through education, entertainment and work. In addition to the well-known digital giants Microsoft, Meta, Google, there are many small but promising companies: Tusimple, Splunk, Wix.com.
  10. Online education
    The trends towards the digitalization of education and the transition to the online format were outlined long before the pandemic. Over the past two years, the market has significantly expanded and strengthened thanks to IT technologies.

Investing in cryptocurrency

Virtual currency is a speculative instrument, but at the same time this year it showed steady growth and proved that it has a high profitability. How to make money on cryptocurrency, taking into account market volatility, and not be mistaken?

How to make money on cryptocurrency

  1. There are two ways to enter the crypto industry:
    Investment from scratch. You can make money on cryptocurrency even without starting investments. For example, using faucets, games, referral programs or providing services for payment in Satoshi or Altcoins.
  2. Use experienced resellers and experts. For example, the ecosystem of investment products and services on the blockchain Amir Capital, on behalf of investors, invests in cryptocurrency, NFT and blockchain projects.

It is possible to avoid mistakes, get acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies and investments by increasing education. Amir Capital experts will teach you how to properly manage resources and manage capital, analyze the market, and make money on conservative and aggressive strategies.

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