Ways to improve financial literacy

The middle class abroad actively invests in securities, is interested in the stock market and the size of dividends, transfers capital to trust management. Is it possible for us to be so immersed in the financial agenda? Quite. How to improve financial literacy and increase income? Financial literacy is a set of practical and theoretical […]

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Investment calculator as a way to increase business profitability

The digitalization of the financial sector is pushing banking and brokerage structures to invest in creating unique products. Almost every major bank has an investment calculator in its functionality. What is this tool and why should its indicators be treated with caution? An investment calculator is a special tool that allows you to predict the […]

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Top 10 Trends of Our Time: Investments in Cryptocurrency, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity

Despite the emergence of a new strain, analysts at large investment companies expect significant market warming and moderate asset growth from 2022. Where to invest money to get profit? What place in the portfolio should cryptocurrency investments occupy? Let’s discuss the key trends of the coming year. Top 10 Investment Trends for 2022 2021 has […]

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Earnings on bitcoins and the whole truth about the first cryptocurrency

The development of the cryptoindustry allows you to make money on digital currency today and get a decent profit. However, most investors start with losses, making many mistakes. What is earnings on bitcoins ? What is Bitcoin Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not physically exist, is not controlled by anyone and is more […]

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Marketer in the SunnyMan project
  • Experience of large-scale launch of online educational products;
  • Skill in working with advertising in the niche of online education,
  • Skill and willingness to launch traffic by hand;
  • Willingness to generate ideas for selling a product.
Automation specialist
  • Experience in integrating AMOCRM and Getcourse;
  • Experience in automating internal processes;
  • Experience in setting up funnels and work with analytics.
Blogger Relations Manager
  • Search for bloggers;
  • Negotiating with bloggers;
  • Purchasing advertising from bloggers.
Curators in the SunnyMan educational project

It is possible without curating experience, but a confident PC user and knowledge of Getcourse

  • Accompanying participants during the Marathon;
  • Checking homework;
  • Feedback
Marketer and PR specialist to the esports team!

The experience of promotion in the field of eSports is important!

  • An opportunity to become a part of the legendary Amir Capital team;
  • Rapid career growth to the CEO;
  • Interesting tasks!

Each of you is a Genius!

This is one of our principles! We believe that every employee and every investor in the team is a genius.

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