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Amir Capital company is an ecosystem that combines investment products and services. Our company works with both private and corporate customers, buys cryptoassets, and sponsors blockchain projects. Amir Capital operates under European jurisdiction and is registered in Estonia. The capitalization of the company is more than 1 000 000 000$

- storage, exchange and transfers of cryptocurrency
- staking and landing of cryptoassets
- more than 44 business projects on the blockchain
- 8 jurisdictions (Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Estonia, Lithuania, Canada, UAE, USA)

  • Profitable
  • Safe
  • Useful
  • Convenient

Steady increase of the number of active assets

There are more than 44 projects in the Amir Capital Group ecosystem, thanks to which you can compose your investment portfolio yourself, choosing exactly those products and projects that best suit your goals.

Steady increase of the number of active assets

Professional fund management

Asset managers have many years of experience and use an original method of profitable trade introduced by Marat Mynbaev. The company signs contracts with different investors, whose active assets of a diverse nature. An investor’s account is secured by means of two-factor authentication. Our company also holds security and stabilization funds that can be used lest any unforeseen circumstances should occur.

Professional fund management

Acquiring a habit of constant learning

Participation in the community of professional investors Amir Partners, ongoing training and development in the framework of SunnyMan and Amir Academy, travel with Amir Travel Club, monthly meetings in different cities and countries at Amir Talks.

Acquiring a habit of constant learning

Investment management with one touch.

Amir Wallet mobile app is always with you. Account replenishment, commission-free currency exchange, funds transfer to other users, accrual of interest on the balance, and payment – you can do any of these with only one touch.

Investment management with one touch.

" Our mission: Material freedom for everyone with the help of blockchain knowledge and technologies. "


The total amount of active assets under management of our company: more than 1 000 000 000$


The total number of employees (in-house and outsourced): more than 260 people


The total number of investors: more than 150 000


The average assets manager work experience: more than 10 years

Amir Capital have spent the last three years helping people to change their lives and to start gaining income.

  • We break down the principles of investment awareness
  • We educate people on financial awareness, which Is the basic requirement for becoming a success.
  • We help our clients to learn about the investment tools, how to build proper investment portfolios, how to set their goals and achieve them.

A word from the Founder Amir Capital

Marat Mynbaev

Greetings, friends! I am Marat Mynbaev and I have been working in the business sphere for more than 30 years.

In 2008 I founded Amir Capital with the aim of preserving the family capital. Today Amir Capital is a huge ecosystem of investment instruments, in which there are more than 44 operating business projects.

Now we have 160+ people on our staff, and more than 100 people are constantly working on outsourcing. Under the management of the company more than 1 000 000 000 dollars. We work on 33 leading cryptocurrency exchanges, a team of professional asset managers are located in different time zones, so we are in the market for 24 hours. The number of investors today is over 150,000.

We chose blockchain technology and cryptoassests as the most profitable and future-oriented tools at the moment. The technology will progress more and more, allowing our clients and us to always keep up with the times.

In our community of investors Amir Partners, we distinguish two fundamental axioms: every person is born for Happiness and Freedom is his natural habitat. Together we build a new world, the world we want to live in. We want to live among free and happy people. But to change the world around us, we should start with ourselves.

If you are looking for profitable and secure investment tools, you should give consideration to our Amir Capial Group ecosystem. Our goal is to be the ones who provide you with the things that you need. Sign up and I will be thrilled to see you among our satisfied clients.



"Financial services, Operating as a financial institution: Provision of advice to clients", a service provided under a license - the provision of consulting services in the financial sector.


"Financial services, Providing a virtual currency service", rendered services under the license:
1. Virtual currency wallet service (a service within which cryptographic keys of clients are created or stored for clients, which can be used to store, fix and transfer virtual currencies);
2. A virtual currency exchange service (a service within which virtual currency is exchanged for money or money for virtual currency, or one virtual currency for another)


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