Answers to frequently asked questions


Amir Capital

Registration #

How to set up an account?

You can see a “Log in/sign up” button in the top right corner of the page. After clicking on it, you need to enter the following information: your e-mail, create a Password, enter your Name and Phone number. If you sign up using a referral link, there will be the partner’s login in the “Partner” field. Click on the checkbox next to “I agree to the processing of my personal data”. Click on the “Sing up” button.

The “Sign up” button is not active

Try to enter a new password at least 8 symbols long and containing at least one numeral and one capital letter. No special symbols are allowed.

I cannot log in to my account after I have signed up, there is an error “Something went wrong”

There may be a chance that you have not confirm your new account via email. Please follow the link given in the letter.

There is no confirmation letter in my inbox.

Please check the “SPAM” folder.

Verification #

How do I undergo the process of verification?

After you have signed up, you need to click on the “Undergo KYC” and to upload the required documents following the instructions.

What documents are required in the process of verification?

- Passport (international or regular)
- Driver’s license
- ID card
- Resident card

To verify the address, use a document from the list

Why should I share my personal persona data and documents?

We understand that you may be worried. However, we can assure you that our company is legally registered and granted with a business license. Providing your personal data, you make ensure your own safety and security. Amir Capital does not have access to your personal data, as the verification process is carried out by a third party. This is an independent company dealing with personal data processing operations, which has a license given by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media and an international certificate.

Managing your accounts #

How to transfer money to the wallet?

You can fund your wallet from an external wallet, via P2P service or using an exchanger. In the left menu of the site, select the wallet you want to top up. The center will display the address to which funds must be sent in the appropriate cryptocurrency

I have transferred the money, when will the balance change?

The speed of the operation depends on the source, commission fee, and on how busy the Blockchain network is. Usually the process of money transfer takes up to 30 minutes, but in some cases it may take up to several days. To make sure that everything is correct, please, contact the service support and state the source of the transfer.

I have transferred the money to Amir Capital, but the balance has not changed

Probably the request has not been processed in the Blockchain network yet. Please send us the hash of the transaction so that we can check everything.

What is the level of interest accrued on the minimum wallet balance?

Here is the yield level based on the minimum wallet balance:
- USDT - 0,8% per month
- ETH - 0,5% per month
- BTC - 0,3% per month

How do I convert the currency?

Currency conversion is available only for wallet holders. You need to open the wallet, chose Transaction – currency conversion, chose the target wallet, enter the sum, and click on “Convert”.

How do I deposit the Accumulative account?

To place a deposit on the Accumulative account, you need to transfer the needed cryptocurrency into the wallet first, chose “Transaction”, then “into the Accumulative account”, specify the amount of money and click on “Transact”.

The conditions on the Accumulation account

- No account freeze available
- The yield is not stable, depending on the performance of our traders. Usually it starts from 0,5% per week
- The yield is accrued every Monday after 6 PM, Moscow time
- The finances are available the next day after the transaction
- An account for one currency
- Replenishing at any time
- Withdrawal once a week

How long does the withdrawal take?

The withdrawal is instantaneous.
Applications for withdrawal from the Savings Account are accepted every day.
Fixation of applications is carried out at 23:59 Sunday. The withdrawal time is counted from Monday 00:01. The investor has the right to withdraw accumulative usdt, btc and eth from three accounts, the assets of which in total equivalent are the following values:
- Up to $ 500 within 48 hours.
- Up to $ 5000 for 96 hours.
- Up to $ 50,000 within 6 calendar days.
- Over $ 50,000 within 14 days.

How do I transfer funds between Accumulation accounts?

Unfortunately, the service is unavailable, as currency conversion is available only via Wallet.

How to open an Accumulation+ account?

To open an account, you need to choose “Accumulation+” in the menu (on the left side of the main page) and then choose “Open a new account”. Enter the title, specify the deposit amount and the deposit period. The specified amount of money will be debited from USDT wallet.

Commission fees

In Amir Wallet, when withdrawing to an external wallet ("Withdraw" button), you will need to pay a commission for a transaction in the blockchain, which is a necessary attribute for a transfer. There is no commission for transfers within Amir Wallet. There is an automatic verification of the address, if the recipient's address is inside Amir Wallet, then the commission is not charged, if the user makes a transfer to an external wallet, then it becomes possible to select a commission. ???? There are commissions in all three currencies that are presented in Amir Wallet: BTC, ETH, USDT. ????When withdrawing to an external wallet: 0.1 BTC / 5000 USDT / 3 ETH or more - commissions are not charged from the user (they are paid by Amir Capital). ????In the ETH and USDT network, there is a possibility to choose the commission for the transaction and the speed of its processing, priority. The submenus are “Medium” (60+ minutes) and “Fast” (1-60 minutes), where, respectively, “Medium” will be a more cost-effective option, but it will take more time, and “Fast” will cost more, but the processing speed will be faster. ???? Pay attention! Your increase in commission makes the transaction more priority for execution, but does not guarantee its instant sending due to the volatility of the commission and the load on the network, especially for the ETH network and USDT ERC-20!

How do I transfer funds to my partner in Amir Capital?

You can transfer funds to a partner in two ways:
I) Via “Transfer” option using the partner’s e-mail.
1. In this case you need to choose the necessary wallet and click on the “Transfer” button.
2. Pick the option “Via E-mail”, enter the remittee’s (receiver) e-mail and the amount of transfer, and then click on “Transfer”.
II) Via “Withdrawal” from the wallet.
1. Choose the wallet you want to withdraw funds from.
2. Click on the “Withdrawal” button, enter the amount of money and the address of the remittees’ wallet, which should store the same cryptocurrency as you want to send.

Partner Program #

How do I become a partner?

The affiliate program becomes available after the account is replenished for $ 100 in equivalent. To invite a partner, click the "Sunrise Program" tab in the left menu, then you must read and agree to the Program Terms and the Amir Capital Group Partner Code of Ethics. Next, you need to click the "Affiliate link" button, after which you will see a unique referral link that can be copied or sent directly to the partner's mail by specifying his e-mail.

My partner has signed up, but there is no sign of him/her in my account.

There may be chance that Your partner used somebody else’s partner link. Please send us your partner’s email and your email so that we can check everything.

What are the conditions for entering the Partner Program?

To get acquainted with the terms of the Partner Program, you need to visit the “Sunrise Program” section, "More about the program"

How can I get a gift for being a partner?

To apply for a gift for the Sunrise Program status, you need to enter Telegram in the search - @SollarGifts_Bot It is possible to leave a request in this chat bot To do this, you need to click "Get your gift for the Sunrise Program status" and step by step answer all the bot's questions. The bot will automatically send you the track number in the chat, but only after the Sollar Gifts employee packs and sends your gift.

Two-factor authentication #

There are no messages / I deleted Google Authenticator by accident

In this case you can disable the two-factor authentication in account settings and enable it again.

How do I enable the two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator?

Find your email in the top right corner of the website and click on it. Choose 2FA settings and the type of two-factor authentication: Google Authenticator. Follow the hints to enable 2FA.

How can I enable 2FA via a message?

Find your email in the top right corner of the website and click on it. Choose 2FA settings and the type of two-factor authentication: Message. Follow the hints to enable 2FA.

Settings #


Find your email in the top right corner of the website and click on it. The reinvestment settings can be found in the “Settings” section. Then choose “Reinvestment”.

How can I change my email?

To change your email, you need to find the account settings (click on your email in the top right corner) and to click on the pencil icon near the email address. Enter new email after which there will be a letter sent to your previous email.

How can I change my email if I don’t have access to it?

In this case you should contact the support team via [email protected]. State you full name, the reason for changing your email and attach a selfie with your ID and a sheet of paper with the today’s date written on it. You also need to give your old email.

Common questions #

The webpage is unavailable / is not displaying correctly

There may be browser extensions or plug-ins which affect the work of the website. It can be Google Translator, for example, so we recommend you disable the extension.

What are OMNI and ERC-20?

Most of the USD Tether coins are created on top of the bitcoin blockchain, using Omni Layer protocol. In February 2018 the tokens were issued on top of Ethereum Blockchain –ERC-20. Both types of coins are backed by US dollars, the only thing that differs is the development technology.


Licenses and contractual documents can be found at http://amir.capital/

Are there any company buildings?

As our company works remotely, there are no offices in a conventional meaning. You can meet the company representatives at events that we either hold or attend. The information about the events is posted in our social media accounts. Follow us to always keep in touch.

What is the difference between the Loyalty Program and Sunrise Program?

According to the terms of Loyalty Program, an investor gets bonuses and privileges only for managing his active assets stored in the accounts of our company. As for Sunrise Program, an investor receives additional bonuses and points for promoting the products by Amir Capital Group keenly.

How will my partner’s / my level in Sunrise Program be calculated if I am already a Loyalty Program member?

In the process of level calculation, the terms of Sunrise Program are considered to be superior to those of Loyalty Program. Accepting the program terms, you agree that your level will be calculated according to Sunrise Program.

What is committee interview and what is the procedure?

An investor who meets the requirements can become an Ambassador. An investor needs to submit an application and pass an interview conducted by the International Ambassadors and the company executives. An interview is held once a week and it touches upon various themes: the candidate’s views on life, the level of financial awareness, relationships, state of health, habits, being aware of the company’s mission and values, and so on. The interview committee decides on the future status of the investor based on his/her interview performance.

What is the Ambassador code and where can I find it?

It is being compiled at present. It is a document that will regulate an Ambassador’s activities within the company, serving to develop the society and Amir Capital community. Our Ambassadors are working on it and soon it will uploaded to our website.

We use for the best presentation of our site. You will continue to use the site, we will assume that it suits you.