• Top up your account Stable + from $300 for 1 year with capitalization and get Sunny Book as a GIFT
  • Top up your account Stable + from $150 for 2 years with capitalization and get a Sunny Book as a GIFT!
  • Top up your account Stable + from $100 for 3 or 5 or 8 years with capitalization and get Sunny Book as a GIFT!


The investment holding Amir Capital finances promising business projects based on blockchain technology, as well as acquires cryptoassets and multiplies them due to price fluctuations in the market, mainly adhering to the 'Buy and Hold' strategy.
Amir Capital Group, reg. No. 14698286, licenses:
FFA000364 financial institution activities,
FRK001103 virtual wallet service activity,
FVR001217 virtual currency exchange activity
Amir Capital was founded in 2008 as a family fund. In 2017, it opened its doors to friends and relatives, and in 2018 it opened its doors to everyone.




6 mon. +2.5% per month

12 mon. +3.0% per month

18 mon. +3.5% per month

24 mon. +4.0% per month

36 mon. +4.5% per month

60 mon. +5.0% per month

96 mon. +6.0% per month


from $ 300 for 1 year with capitalization, Sunny Book as a GIFT!

from $ 150 for 2 years with capitalization, Sunny Book as a GIFT!

from $ 100 for 3 years with capitalization, Sunny Book AS A GIFT!

from $ 100 for 5 years with capitalization, Sunny Book as a GIFT!

from $ 100 for 8 years with capitalization, Sunny Book as a GIFT!

1 100


1 week 260 weeks

Net USDT profit

Sunny Book

Investment accounts

100 %



Stable +




Direct investment




Get a monthly interest on your wallet

  • Investor replenishes their account in the company
  • Funds participate in the company's core business (trading, investments in projects, etc.)
  • Interest from 0.5% is accrued each week in three currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT
  • Monthly income in USDT depends on the term that is to choose from: 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 60, 96 months
  • When opening, you can include capitalization of monthly income
  • Payment of the principal deposit at the end of the term
  • Investor gives access to their accounts opened on crypto-exchanges to the responsible trader of the company
  • Revenue is distributed by 50/50
  • Direct investment and an additional opportunity to become a co-founder of business projects from different sectors of the economy
  • More than 20 business projects in the portfolio

Key benefits

  • Establishing a contractual relationship
    between Amir Capital and Investors

    Three licenses issued
    for European regulator, including
    for financial activities

  • An independent certified personal data processing operator Sum'Substance stores the confidential data

  • Two-factor protection for all operations/transactions within the investor's personal office

  • Automated control over the work of asset managers with the Tradergram system

  • The presence of an insurance fund (weekly replenishment of 7.5% of income) and stabilization fund (12.5% of 25% is paid by asset managers only if the next reporting period is positively closed)

  • Three years on the market. A professional team with 20 years of experience in finance and business

  • 1

    You will become a member of an ever-growing community surrounded by active and financially secure Amir Partners

  • 2

    Sunrise Partner Program - the reward for recommending Amir Capital products is paid after receiving income. Training and support from the ambassadors

  • 3

    Market placement of Sollar Gifts products and services in your wallet. Discounts and privileges for all partners from all products of our ecosystem (Amir Games and etc.)

  • 4

    Traveling with Amir Travel Club in the company of the Amir Capital's ambassadors

  • 5

    Training in financial and investment literacy, training in blockchain technologies and working in the cryptocurrency market within Amir Academy

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