Trust money management: how it works

Trust management is one of the passive income methods. In simple words – when you give your money to professionals to increase it, usually for a certain% of the profit. Investing in assets that another person will manage.

How safe is this method of money management? What guarantees? Should you trust the manager? How to check his competence? This is what the article is about.
Trust management of capital appeared in the Middle Ages – when knights went to war and left their property to relatives, and they disposed of it at their own discretion. With the advent of the Internet, the field of trust management has moved online: more people have the opportunity to invest in the stock and cryptocurrency markets.

Trust management has both pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look.


  • higher profitability (up to 10% per month, but if you are promised an even larger amount, this is a reason to doubt the reliability of the information and the legality of the existence of such an organization);
  • low entry amount, you choose how much to invest;
  • money can usually be withdrawn at any time (it depends on the conditions for each account, they are always indicated in the agreement);
  • you can invest small amounts in different products with different conditions;
  • anonymity: no one will know about your contribution unless you tell it yourself. Money loves silence;
  • the biggest plus: completely passive income. You do not need to independently learn to understand investment instruments and take risks, you entrust your money to professionals with experience.


  • complexity of profitability forecasts;
  • profitability depends entirely on the competence of the managers;
  • there is a risk of running into fraudsters (you need to carefully collect information about the management company and check the legality of its activities).

Of course, trusting your money to someone is always scary. To be sure that a person or foundation is not a dummy and has the right to carry out its activities, you need to carefully study all the information. It is much easier to do this via the Internet than before.

When collecting information, pay attention to objective, well-reasoned reviews, the availability of documents for conducting business, the history of the company, the company’s openness towards customers, information in the media, participation in events, the presence or absence of reporting webinars and presentations, the period of the company in the market.

When you have analyzed the market and found the manager or fund with whom you want to cooperate, another important point comes: diversification. It is well known that “you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in one basket”. Therefore, you need to invest in different instruments: in many companies you will be offered to invest in a ready-made portfolio that will reduce your risks and can increase profits. For example, at Amir Capital, you can invest in different accounts, there and directly in various projects and startups.

If you choose to invest in cryptocurrencies, then buy different coins. A Savings account can be opened in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. For beginners and conservative investors, we recommend keeping most of the portfolio (up to 80%) in the more stable USDT cryptocurrency. The profitability of each coin will differ and over time, after analyzing, you can draw conclusions in which direction to increase your investment, and where to leave everything as it is.

Trust asset management from Amir Capital is:

  • profitable (yield is about 0.5% and higher per week on the “Accumulative” account and from 2.5% to 6% per month on the “Stable +” account)
  • reliable (contractual relationship with an investor, three licenses in the European jurisdiction, the presence of an insurance fund, diversification of assets and double protection of the personal account)
  • useful (participation in the community of successful investors Amir Partners, development and entertainment events, travel with the head of the company)
  • is convenient (the first cryptocurrency wallet Amir Wallet exists in the form of a mobile application, it can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store,% of income is accrued on the balance in the wallet every month, you can instantly transfer funds to other users, as well as pay for goods and services without commissions to exchange currencies inside the wallet)

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