Trading Training: 5 Tips for Beginners

A few recommendations for those who want to learn how to trade from the leading analyst and asset manager of Amir Capital Rustam Bukreev.

Tips are arranged in order of increasing importance, starting at the end.

5. It is very important to monitor your health. Get enough sleep, relax, be in a good mood. Be able to switch from work to rest. Unloading is essential for your brain to function properly. If it’s very difficult not to think about work at all, watch films on the topic of trading and business in general, for example, the TV series Billions.

4. Create an appropriate environment for yourself, a team of like-minded people. People who are already trading or even just starting to take their first steps with you. Experienced traders can give advice, suggest something, just support in difficult times. If something didn’t work out today, it will definitely work tomorrow.

3. Be sure to take training courses, filter for yourself what is really interesting. How can one really distinguish whether these courses are of high quality or not, because now there are a lot of “info-gypsies”? Look, if the course is paid, then this is supervision. The person advertises his product, training, where he will be your mentor. It’s good. If the content is free, most likely a person earns stupidly on the channel, this is his business, on watching videos.
In general, a trader is a unique profession. You can know everything about trading and not earn. This also happens. The person knows all technical analysis, but does not earn. Maybe because he simply does not use risk management, or he lacks courage. He knows everything, but does not enter the position. A person may be unsuccessful in trading, but his content can be useful, he explains the theory correctly. In principle, I cannot say that there are some evil videos about trading on YouTube, all channels are interesting in their own way.

2. and 1. Read books. There is Western analysis, there are Japanese candlesticks. We must study the theory and apply it in practice. You can just read a book, but if you haven’t started to apply it in life, then it doesn’t work. I read about candles – start applying, collect your statistics. You will understand how it works. Studied the ascending and descending triangles – also start applying.

I advise you to stock up on books and take training courses. To have a curator work with you. You will find a circle of acquaintances with whom you will communicate. The second plus is that there are many courses from trading companies. And if we see a good student, we just invite him to work for our team. You can not only get an education in a promising field, but also work in a cool team of professionals.

We have Amir Academy – a complete training course in trading. The first module “Initial” is absolutely free, it was created in order for a person to get acquainted with the basics of cryptocurrency trading and understand for himself whether he needs it. Discounts are provided for further training. We have recently created a private Telegram channel, where we publish a lot of useful content on trading. Come and study. And we take the best students of Amir Capital to our team!

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