Amir Capital risks and guarantees: answering your questions

Friends, we collect all the questions that come to us in the Customer Service, at reporting webinars, at online meetings, and we will periodically publish answers to the most popular of them in our blog and on the website.

So let’s get started! Today, Konstantin Batuev, head of the Amir Invest venture fund, answers your questions.

What are the dangers of losing money in Amir Capital?

Any investment is a certain risk. And Amir Capital is subject to all the same risks that are in the market as other companies. Political risks, economic risks, market risks and so on.

Let’s take a trivial example: your friend wants to open his own small business – a bakery in your city, and invites you to share. With the money collected, you rent premises, hire employees, buy equipment, products, and sell and make a profit. Surely your friend already has a conditional business plan in his head. But here it is important to understand: yes, even if you get all licenses, hire qualified personnel, provide all the necessary permits and ensure your institution in accordance with all the norms and rules of the law – this does not guarantee you the success of your business. Any unforeseen circumstance – the government has bought the building, the road is being moved, etc. – that’s all. The market situation has changed and there is nothing you can do. Our guarantees are that we always keep our finger on the pulse: for this we diversify our portfolio for the future – these are investments in promising projects, because we assume the likelihood that in the future cryptocurrencies may no longer bring such profit as they do now. It is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, but you can prepare for various scenarios, which we are doing. There are no guarantees, there is competent risk management.

Our advice: focus not on guarantees, but on opportunities. We are a transparent company, we have licenses, we are all real people, you can communicate with us at events and so on. However, you must understand that the presence of a license does not guarantee anything, it explains that the company has the right to conduct its activities, but what will be the result of this activity – it does not guarantee.

For example, a driver’s license – in order to legally drive a car, a person must first undergo training, pass exams, and only then they will be given a license. However, the very existence of a license is not a guarantee that the driver will not get into an accident? Obviously not. The presence of a certificate only shows everyone that a person knows the road signs, the rules, where the “gas” and “brake” pedals are located in the car, etc. But nobody guarantees the fact of not getting into an accident. So it is here: we operate in the legal field, we have an experienced team of asset managers and we provide great opportunities in various directions.

Why is Amir Capital not a pyramid scheme?

The trust market is a highly reputable environment. If you ever deceive someone, you will no longer be able to “wash off” this. Not having a license or a contract determines that we are not a pyramid scheme. It is our team, our values ​​and our plans that are the main thing. Even with a license, if the founder of the company wants to abuse and run away with money, what will stop him from doing it?

And if you have the need and desire to work honestly and benefit this world, and honestly share profits with the investor, then you will do it honestly. The key factor is the plans of the founder and the team that implements this strategy. We have no desire to cheat people, we want our community to grow and become financially and investment literate. So that people develop their relationships, their inner Genius. And we understand that the leverage for achieving all types of freedoms is financial freedom. As soon as you reach it, other possibilities open up before you. Then you redirect your focus from making money to developing other potentials. Our company is not about “making money”, but about spreading this philosophy. And this, I think, is a much more important sign that we are not a pyramid.

But it is clear who knows superficially about us – it is difficult for him to understand this and it is difficult for him to make an informed decision. Therefore, watch out for yourself and your partners: all your decisions must be conscious. Present investments through the lens that the person understands what they are doing. Investments are both risks and opportunities. And this is the only way to reach new heights in life.

What is a venture fund in the Amir Capital system and what does the fund give to ordinary investors?

Venture Fund Amir Invest is a division for the development and packaging of projects. Projects are divided into 2 types: our internal and external, which come to us from outside.

Someone finds us himself, something is generated by our community, and projects come from accelerators and start-up sites.

The task of the venture fund: to assess projects – the competence of the team, the availability of relevant experience, prospects, availability of technologies and how the mission and goal of the project correlates with the expectations of Amir Capital. There are many businesses that can make money, but with which we, due to ethical reasons, cannot cooperate.

What the presence of a venture fund gives to ordinary investors: with the help of new projects we increase the company’s capitalization, investing in such projects is part of the long-term investment strategy of Amir Capital. We know that within 5-10 years those businesses where we invest resources have the potential to become large corporations with great profits. And its profit will be part of the profit of the Amir Capital Management Company and will be distributed among all “ordinary investors”.


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