New economic model. Step 3: Freedom.

We continue to talk about our economic model of the world, to which we are heading and where we invite you. Each of you is only three steps away from the ideal life:

    1. believe that YOU are a genius;
    2. believe that you can and MUST be happy;
    3. believe that you CAN be free!

Freedom is a natural human habitat. There are 6 higher forms of freedom:

Financial freedom is a way of life when you can live the way you want without thinking about the financial side of life. There is a lot of money, it is everywhere, you get it already for being in this world, creating values ​​and sharing them with others. You do what you want, when you want. A special environment will be created in our Amir City cities so that every person can develop comfortably here.

Freedom of time – when your work turns into a hobby. You can choose how much time to spend on it. You can drop everything at any time and go on a trip for six months, and your financial condition will not suffer from this, your money works for you all the time.

Freedom of relationship – you yourself choose your environment, there is no need to put up with unpleasant people in your life. No bad bosses and envious colleagues, with you only those people whom you are glad to see, who make your life more interesting and complete.

Spiritual freedom is your right to free thoughts. You have your own personal space and your inner world. And only you decide how to manage it. No “criteria of society”, no stereotypes and rules imposed from the outside. Only you are the master of your thoughts and your soul.

Bodily freedom is freedom of movement. Today you want to be in Amir City, tomorrow in San Francisco, and a week later in Tokyo. This is your personal choice, this is your right and your freedom. Travel or engage in bodily practices, sports, martial arts. You HAVE time and spend it as you see fit.

The freedom to reveal your genius – allow yourself to be different from other people, we are all unique, each has his own gift. And let others be different from you, respect other people’s characteristics. To be happy is to be yourself.

In our economic model, all three parts: genius, happiness and freedom complement each other perfectly. This is possible and is already happening today. No one can make your life better than yourself. Amir Capital Group can help, but it’s up to you to make a choice or not.

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