New economic model. Step 2: Happiness.

We are continuing our conversation about the new economic model of the world, which Amir Capital Group is building for everyone. It is based on two postulates:

  1. Everyone is a Genius;

  1. Man is born to be happy and free.

In the last article, we examined the first point: every person is a genius. Do you already feel genius in yourself? If not, that’s okay, you just need a little more time to find your ikigai.

Today, let’s take a closer look at the second part: each of us was born to be happy.

Happiness is a subjective concept, however:

“We all have different goals and desires, but we have the same needs”

Tony Robbins identifies 6 basic human needs. It is the satisfaction of each of them that will bring you closer to a state of absolute happiness.

  1. Certainty. This is the need for stability, confidence in the future. You want to avoid pain and stress and have fun. The more this need is expressed, the less risk you are willing to take. Your comfort zone limits you. Many people strive all their lives to “sit in their comfort zone at a job they do not like,” instead of doing what they enjoy: finding their purpose. They are afraid to take risks and start living for real. But such a path will never bring happiness. First, it is not yours. Secondly, this medal of “stability” has a downside – when the need for certainty is fully satisfied, you get bored. And the following need arises:

  1. Uncertainty / variety and novelty. All people love surprises. However, pleasant surprises make you happy, and unpleasant ones you call problems. Problems have to be solved, they take time, knowledge, effort. But without it there is no way – they help you become stronger. When you are constantly growing, developing and doing something for other people, you will have constant variety in your life. If you realize your very destiny, there will be everything on this path: success, failure, overcoming, and new experience. There will be no time to get bored.
  2. Significance and uniqueness. Everyone wants to feel that he is not an empty place, he is respected, loved, needed, his opinion matters, etc. Sometimes people try to satisfy this need through external manifestations – to earn as much money as possible, gain fame, stand out with a bright appearance, etc. However, this will not bring you happiness. External attributes of significance can be easily lost. Another thing is the internal state of its significance. When you realize that you have your own, a special combination of talents and skills, knowledge and experience that you generously share with the world around you – only then you will feel like a truly happy person.
  3. Love and relationships. “When we love, we feel alive.” People really want to feel loved, and make various efforts to satisfy this need. But they forget the most important thing – the love of others begins with love for oneself! Self-knowledge, a clear understanding of one’s desires and their satisfaction is the basis of love. If you do not love yourself, no one can satisfy this need for you. When there is harmony inside, you know what you need, you receive it and generously give care and attention to others – then the need for love and relationships can be considered completely satisfied.

These four needs Tony Robbins call personal. The remaining two needs are spiritual. In the daily hustle and bustle, many people simply do not reach these needs, but their satisfaction is necessary to feel the fullness of life.

  1. Growth and development. The worst feeling is when a person is stuck and marking time. Everything in nature grows and develops, and man, as a part of nature, should also strive for this. It’s only when you constantly learn something new, get unexpected experiences, expand your worldview and become better – you grow. And you are fulfilling your mission. You were born to be the best version of yourself. It is impossible to be happy if you are limited by your comfort zone. Life goes on outside.
  2. Benefiting others. “The secret of life is giving,” says Tony Robbins, and we agree with him. Scientists even conducted an experiment and found that people who benefit others live much longer and happier than those who do everything only for themselves. The point is what you give to others. And you are not happy with what you get, but with who you become in the end.

Every decision that a person makes in life depends on some need. And each person has two out of six needs higher than others. Depending on the level of development of a person, these can be: 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6.

A happy person has all levels of needs satisfied and the needs of levels 5 and 6 are prioritized. Because this person has a stable financial income, can afford travel and adventure, he has a happy family, he has recognition and respect, he is an expert in his field … And he has the time and desire to develop further and benefit society. It is in order for as many people as possible to come to such a state that we have created our economic model and our cities Amir City.

You cannot change with a snap of your fingers. But in the team of like-minded Amir Partners, you can go this way. We will lead you by the hand. And it will be very interesting!

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