New economic model. Step 1: Genius.

You are born a genius. Born to be happy and free. But the question – to be or not – is only your choice.

“If a fish is judged by its ability to climb trees, it will live its whole life believing that it is dumb.” Albert Einstein

Surely you have already heard this statement of the famous scientist many times. But have you really thought about it?

Unfortunately, most people are just in the position of this “fish”. For example, Petya always wanted to treat animals. But the parents said: “Your ceiling is a cowshed on a collective farm, so go to the legal one, you will at least earn normal money.” As a result, Petya goes to law, works as a mediocre lawyer all his life, drinks beer on Friday evenings and suffers from the worthlessness of his life. And he could become a famous veterinary surgeon, open his own clinic, develop a new method of treating cardiac diseases in dogs and leave his mark on history.

Girl Liza loved mathematics from childhood, she snapped problems with an asterisk like nuts, dreamed of becoming a famous scientist. But the parents said: “What nonsense ?! We have a musical family! Dynasty! Three generations of musicians and you will play the violin! ” As a result, the girl all her childhood and adolescence, instead of participating in mathematical olympiads, sings on the violin and quietly hates her. And then all his life he works in the local philharmonic society for a penny and suffers from unfulfilled desires.

How many more similar stories are there in the world? Millions. And here we will not blame the parents: they probably really want the best for their children, but this is the “best” in their opinion. They rarely take into account the wishes of the child, and as a result: another broken life. And those children, whom their parents supported in their dreams from an early age, grow up happy and successful. Because the parents saw the predisposition in time and helped the little man to develop his abilities.

In 1983, a professor from the United States Howard Gardner identified 7 types of intelligence, which were later refined, and today their number has increased to 9:

Natural intelligence – loves to observe nature, prefers everything natural, is sensitive to climate change.

  1. Musical intelligence – distinguishes sounds well, recognizes rhythm, likes to go to concerts, listen to music.
  2. Logical and mathematical intelligence – reasoning consistently, quickly recognizing connections between objects, loves puzzles.
  3. Linguistic intelligence – has a large vocabulary, likes to read, play with words.
  4. Existential intelligence – loves philosophy, in search of the meaning of things, admires beauty and respects all living things .
  5. Interpersonal intelligence – is trusted by people, easily establishes contacts, recognizes personality types.
  6. Intrapersonal intelligence – well captures other people’s emotions, soberly evaluates their own and others’ capabilities, loves to plan. < / li>
  7. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence – dexterous, knows how to control his body, likes to do something with his hands.
  8. Spatial intelligence – has a good visual memory, likes to observe and notice interesting things, is well oriented in unfamiliar places.

All types of intelligence are present in all people. Each type of intelligence is different from the others, but they are all equal. Every action involves a different kind of intelligence. And any of the abilities can be developed.

Everyone is a genius. But only in his own direction, only when he has the opportunity to realize himself in what is close to him, what responds to his soul. And in fact, it’s never too late to change everything in life. BUT! There are many “barriers” here.

The very first is financial. Somehow it is accepted that “at work I earn money, and a hobby is for the soul.” Happy are those who have hobbies = work. Do you agree? But many do not know how you can make money from your hobbies. If, for example, I like to look at various leaves and flowers through a microscope, how can I monetize this? Unknown. And, perhaps, I do not want to make money on it, I just want to do it, because I am interested. It makes me happy. But at the same time I need to live on something and support my family.

The second is fears. “Relatives will not understand, the family will not support, nothing will work out, time has passed,” etc.

The third is time. We are often so busy that even with family there is no time to be, and there is no time for hobbies, only work-work-work.

The question arises: what to do?

Since the problem is multifaceted, it also needs to be solved comprehensively.

So, first: you need to create yourself financial security. You don’t have to work for money, your money has to work for you. This is possible using investment instruments.

Second: fears. You can get rid of them only by looking at their faces. If your friends do not approve of what your soul is in, do not support you, do not wish you well and happiness – why do you need such friends? Think about it. The same goes for the family.

To do something, you just need to start doing it. Take the first step. Then the universe will help: there will be like-minded people, there will be some new connections, acquaintances, opportunities, etc.

And your time is not over yet. But it goes away every minute, while you are not living your life, while you are unhappy and counting the days of the calendar, which you have less and less.

Third: each person has 24 hours a day. But someone has time to do a bunch of useful things, and someone does not have time to do anything. Of course, the main time is occupied by work. But when money is working for you, you can use this time for yourself. And here everyone is free to choose their own path: self-development, recreation, games, films, whatever. And remember about your hobby: if something fascinates a person, he can do it for a very long time and not notice the time spent. Because it’s interesting! Time is being used profitably!

In the end: you don’t have a headache about financial problems, you just do what you love and enjoy the process. And from life in general. Because become its Master!

Everyone is a genius. You just need to help him open up. Get rid of financial problems through the use of investment tools, remove fears and create all conditions for a person to be able to create, do what he really wants and what he has innate abilities.

This is our first step at Amir Partners. Amir Capital Group help people become happier.

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