Where to invest your money – expert advice

If there is anything that distinguishes a wealthy person from a truly wealthy person, it is the ability to interact with their own capital. A far-sighted specialist who knows the realities of the market will never keep free funds outside of any assets. Even the dollar, one of the most stable world currencies, is subject to inflation. That is why the question “where to invest money” is so urgent.

You need to invest and then calmly reap the rewards of your investment. The main thing is to choose the right project. That is why today we will tell you about several win-win methods of investing capital, which were suggested to us by the leading experts of Amir Capital. So let’s get started.

Investment rules for beginners

Before determining the field of future activity, you need to learn about the unbreakable rules of investing. Regardless of where you want to invest money, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

Never invest the latter

Investing is not about fear for the last penny. This is work with extra money that you want to increase and which, albeit scary, but not critical to lose. Because no investment guarantees success. Financial transactions are inextricably linked with risks, which, however, can play in your favor, justifying all expectations and bringing simply phenomenal money.

Distribute and be interested

Continuing the topic of risks, we advise you to recall the worldly wisdom, which says that putting all your eggs in one basket is stupid. That is why we strongly advise you to diversify your investments, that is, to distribute investments across several sources. Investments can be either in equal shares or in completely free proportions. You compose the latter yourself, guided by your own knowledge of potentially successful sources of profit.

Need a clear strategy

Treat investing like a training process. After all, training will bring results only with a courteous approach, when each subsequent step is defined in a clearly built roadmap. When the plan does not allow you to get confused, lose focus and miss the moment to start investing. All your failures need to be analyzed, adopting invaluable experience from the failure, which will determine your next decision. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, but follow a strictly outlined investment plan. Then success will not be long in coming.

The best investment options

At first, you should trade passively, that is, focusing on large assets that will not collapse tomorrow, along with your expectations. As your own qualifications grow, you can shift the focus to young and actively growing assets. But at first, of course, about 30% of the total capital should be invested in land, a proven business, and another fundamentally stable asset. Passive income from this investment will feed you and allow you to calmly try yourself in a new financial field.

What are the types of investments

First of all, you need to understand the classification of investments. To determine which type of investment is right for you, there are three main types of investment:

  • Real attachments . Here we are talking about the acquisition of funds, real estate, equipment, cars and businesses. That is, everything that can be seen and everything that will make a profit from direct interaction. A fairly complex method, but usually reliable over long distances. After buying a business once and then improving it correctly, you can get a stable income;
  • Financial investments , that is, the purchase of exchange-traded assets, securities, shares and similar sources of capital funding. It is possible to allocate capital in foreign fiat currencies, and some more experienced investors are investing in next-generation digital assets. However, this is a topic for a separate article. For now, it is enough to understand that mastering the exchange is the first step towards increasing capital;
  • Speculative attachments . They are understood as investments of the “buy and sell” type. The surest way to make money quickly and increase the budget for the acquisition of the above-described assets. To choose a good speculative instrument, you need to understand what is always in use. Precious metals immediately come to mind, which are in demand and are still associated with a stable, monolithic resource.

It will not be superfluous to understand the duration of the investment. Indeed, depending on the type of asset, the investment can pay off in less than 12 months, in 2-3 years, or in 5 or more years. It is important to take this nuance into account when selecting a potentially successful asset.

The best solution is the investment holding Amir Capital

There is no need to take risks, worry and constantly think about your own investments. After all, you can always start cooperation with professionals from the Amir Capital holding. The specialists of our company know exactly where to invest money, and know exactly how to increase the investments of our clients. Co-investment will save you from many problems, as it is dealt with by experienced investors with many years of experience. You can always verify this yourself. Since now you know where you can invest at the moment. Be careful and learn more about the specifics of investments with us. Thanks for attention. Good luck!

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