Successful habits

There are a lot of habits in our life, each person has their own. Rich and poor people have completely different habits, so they live different lives. The poor all the time do not have enough money, and the rich constantly increase money.

Amir Capital Group talk about several significant differences in the habits of rich and poor people.

  1. Rich people are used to taking responsibility for their lives. They do not expect someone to come and do something for them, they rely only on their own strength. Poor people blame everything but themselves for everything. And the boss is bad, pays little, and the government is not like that, taxes are raised, and the wife is not like that, she is constantly nagging her brain, and so on ad infinitum. Everyone around is to blame, and only the poor man himself is “all in white”.
  2. The habit of being able to set goals correctly. Poor people, based on their thinking and life “in anticipation”, are constantly waiting for higher wages, bonuses, and some other things that will happen someday. Or maybe they won’t, who knows. There is no clear understanding of where to go, there is no action in the right direction. Just waiting for the right moment. They float like splinters with the flow of life. Where the curve goes is good. Rich people always have a clear plan of action in their heads. For a year, month, week, day. Everything is structured. There is only one thing that separates a simple desire from a goal: the deadline. When you get it. What needs to be done for this, what steps to take. Constantly planning to achieve your goals and analyzing the results in the process is what makes any person successful.
  3. Be grateful. Always and for everything. As the poor usually think, it’s not enough for me, but the neighbor’s over there is better, but why is he worse than me and so on. This constant negativity is spinning in the head and a person simply has no time to look at the situation differently. But you also have a lot. A roof over your head, two arms, two legs, a head. Work, car. A family. Someone else does not. Why can’t you say thank you for that? But a poor man cannot do that, he is always dissatisfied. The rich always give thanks. Universe for success if everything works out, or for experience if everything does not go according to plan. They are grateful for everything they have, they are not jealous. Achieving their goals only motivates them to go even further: after all, if it worked out, then I can do more! Be grateful, learn to appreciate what you have. And set new goals.
  4. Ability to count. First of all, your money. How do all poor people usually do? I received a salary – I bought everything in the store that I dreamed of all month, how much I spent – it doesn’t matter. A month flies by and again there is not enough just a couple of thousand until the next paycheck. And so from time to time. The word “poverty” comes from the words “I do not think”. The rich always know how much money they have. In their wallet, on the card, in the bank account. How much will come, how much you can spend, how much has already been spent and what is the limit in the balance. This is a very important skill that is simply vital for every person. With the ability to count money comes the ability to count and value your time. Time is an absolutely irrecoverable resource, so you need to spend it wisely. Count your money, count your time – these are the first steps that, when combined with other tools, will definitely lead you to success.

Never give up! Your habits and beliefs are what brought you to the level of life where you are at the moment. But to go further, you need something new.

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