The expert named the time when the cost of bitcoin will exceed millions of rubles

New players in the cryptocurrency market provide the asset with a regular rate growth. What awaits bitcoin in the coming years, Marat Mynbayev, a representative of Amir Capital Group, told in an interview with the Economics Today FBA.

The cost of the cryptocurrency jumped after the news about the update of the international payment system PayPal. For the first time since 2019, BTC hit $ 12,817.17 per unit. Further strengthening of the position of the cryptocurrency is only a matter of time, are sure experts. The pricing of electronic money depends on supply and demand, Mynbayev said.

According to the forecasts of Amir Capital Group, the cost of one bitcoin may exceed $ 10 million in 2039. The spread of bitcoin and growing demand will push it to the growth of quotations, the expert added. At the moment, several countries are simultaneously developing projects for national digital means of payment.

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