Blockchain: why and why?

Let’s talk today about why Amir Capital Group chose blockchain technologies and why we believe that this technology is the future?

For most users, blockchain is something incomprehensible about bitcoin, and most likely not entirely legal. This opinion is formed due to a lack of information. Therefore, today we will open the veil of secrecy over the “blockchain” and tell in detail what it is.

What is blockchain?

In fact, blockchain is just a new technology, a tool for transferring and storing data. And the instrument itself is not good or bad, it all depends on who uses it and how.

Blockchain technology is a continuous chain of blocks of data, where each next block is linked to the previous one through a set of records it contains. Each block stores all the information in the chain from the very first block. New blocks are added to the end of the chain, and thus the information snowballs. Moreover, all blocks are in strict chronological order and cannot be swapped.

Blockchain is like one endless book, where each next page goes in order after the previous one.

Why is blockchain technology better?

It’s comfortable! Transactions on the blockchain network take much less time than standard banking transactions.

It’s safe! Information cannot be deleted or changed.

This is process automation! Everything around us can be digitized. Thanks to this technology, we can eliminate a lot of middlemen and save time as much as possible.

It’s profitable! Digitalization allows everyone to become an investor in any project. Now you don’t need huge capital to start investing. And to buy a part of the famous painting “Mona Lisa” you do not need a huge amount of money. You can buy part of the work – a digital token. And own it. And so in any area. Digitalization has taken investment to a new level and provides opportunities for everyone.

As you can see, blockchain is not only about cryptocurrencies. In the next article, we will share with you how blockchain technology is helping companies in running a standard business.

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