Current investment directions in 2022

The year 2021, the second coronavirus year, is coming to an end. Over these two years, the popularity of investments has grown exponentially. For example, in Russia, the number of brokerage accounts has reached 12.7 million individuals, which is about 15% of the population that actively invests.

But many still do not understand where to invest. And more experienced investors / traders are looking for more profitable investment niches.

In general, the following niches can be distinguished: the stock market, cryptocurrencies, real estate, financial and investment companies, business investments, and so on.

Investing in cryptocurrency

For the past decade, the most lucrative niche for online investment has been cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency has shown the most rapid growth. If we take the Bitcoin price rate in 2021, then it was at the level of $ 30 per coin, and now the rate exceeds $ 60 thousand. Growth is visible to the naked eye.

Financial analysts highlight cryptocurrency investments. They consider this investment profitable and believe that the rate of the most popular electronic coin will exceed 70 thousand dollars in 2022.

Ethereum also stands out among investors, this is due to the fact that many blockchain projects are being done on this coin.

In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are a number of good cryptocurrencies:

  1. Binance
  2. Tether
  3. Solana
  4. Cardano
  5. XRP

But for those who do not know how to invest on their own, there is a financial and investment company in cryptocurrencies, for example, Amir Capital.

Cryptocurrency Investment Company

Investment companies are created for people who do not have investment knowledge. It is understandable, you have to learn it, nothing will happen just like that.

Investment companies in cryptocurrencies work on the principle that people transfer them part of their money under trust. The company selects, in its opinion, liquid assets and invests money in them. She takes a percentage of the amount earned.

There are many financial and investment companies, but in the field of cryptocurrencies there is Amir Capital , which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

Investing in the stock market

For several hundred years, investing in the stock market has been the most popular way of investing. The stock market today is primarily an online investment.

On it you can buy shares of large companies, bonds and even futures.

On average, 10-15% of the portfolio can be earned in the background market, this is ahead of inflation by several percent and brings in more money than deposits in many banks.

The essence of investing is simple, you invest in shares of large companies, which give an average annual growth of 7-10%, some of them can certainly bring more.

Investing in real estate

In 2020, a preferential mortgage program was introduced in Russia. Buying a home has become more profitable, you can buy an apartment and rent it out. Moreover, now prices on the real estate market are growing and in the future it is possible to sell an apartment even more expensive than it was bought.

You can also invest in residential real estate and rent not apartments, but premises for shops or offices. This also brings income, which means you can invest.

Business investment

This method differs from investing in the stock market in that you will have to invest in private companies that have not yet entered the market. This procedure is called Pre-IPO, which means investing before the initial public offering of shares.

It will be necessary to negotiate with the founder of the business and already join this business with his capital, for this the investor will receive dividends.

It is also worth noting other areas for investment:

  1. Bank deposits, the investor puts money in the bank at interest.
  2. Gold, which shows stable growth.
  3. Investment in antiques. Rare coins or stamps that are more expensive and can be sold
  4. Loans. You can lend money at interest, usury can also bring passive income.
  5. Investing in mining farms. Cryptocurrencies are mined by miners, so you can help them by investing your capital in them, for which the investor also receives dividends.

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